Since 1773, Tohani has attracted gifted people who have had love for the vine, toiled for it, understood it and amplified its creative force. It is from here, from the heart of Dealu Mare region, that wine has been created for over 200 years.

New Entry

Siel Rose
The story of Siel continues with the launch of Siel Rose, a dry and flavoured wine, defined by the “new world” style of the wine maker. Vivid, bright colour. Its main trait is freshness, with raspberry and cherries dominating the olfactory sensation. Brier flowers and rose petals. Siel tastes of exotic fruit and summer flowers.

Our Wine Stories

Siel Rose
Albertus Van Der Merwe returns with the rose blend of his signature wine, Siel, which launched a new trend on the market: balanced wines with modern flavours, reflecting his new-world style. Delicate yet fresh and tonic, Siel continues to tell the story of the South-African wine maker and reunite the two halves of his soul: South Africa and Tohani.
  • Apogeum – Feteasca Neagra

    16000 lei TVA inclus Buy now
  • Valahorum- Alb sec

    7200 lei TVA inclus Buy now
  • Principele Radu – Merlot

    8000 lei TVA inclus Buy now
  • Cuvée Nicolae, alb, sec

    4300 lei TVA inclus Buy now

Our Wines

In Tohani, the land speaks and the people listen. And then, we make wine.
Each and every wine has its own story, influenced by the genius and passion of the people who created it.


Over the years, Tohani wines have enjoyed a special appreciation both in Romania and abroad.


Purchase our wines at the best prices and enjoy a sip of Tohani experience.

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